#8 – Brazil Nut Milk*

In recent years it has been great to see that not only are dairy milk alternatives becoming more accessible, but more types of them are emerging as well.  I most prefer the nut-based varieties and judging from what I’ve been seeing in the supermarket lately, I’m not the only one.  I think almond milk might now be either tied with or coming in at close second-place behind soy among consumers in the category.

One I haven’t seen at all though is brazil nut milk (at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it indeed is out there and I’ve just not come across it yet).  That being the case, I thought to try making it myself – which I actually do with milk 99% of the time because just like anything else, fresh & home-made is always better than off-the-shelf from the grocery; I only make an exception when I catch those I like in the store at a super sale price.  Whereas the nut itself has a similar look and texture to almonds, I went with the same procedure for making it.  The end product turned out great; tastes quite similar to almond milk, a tad bit more savory perhaps.  I now alternate making almond/brazil nut milks whenever I’m in the mood for some… basically just going by whichever is available and less expensive where I get them from at that time.

The process is quite easy.  Just soak the nuts overnight

photo 4

Put them in a blender with water at a 1:2 ratio

photo 3

Blend thirty seconds – one minute depending on the strength of your blender

photo 2


photo 1

This is my method for making all dairy milk alternatives.

*This will be a three-part post.  I won’t give any details yet about the upcoming two other sections so-as to avoid spoiling the mild suspense over them which may have some duality in being bad since we’re talking about food.


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