#9 – Repurposed Eats: Brazil Nut Dumplings

After reading #’s 7 & 8 the content of this entry may be predictable.  In the Caribbean dumplings are a common site on the dinner table to go with stews or in soups and there are three main kinds – wheat flour, cornmeal, and cassava.  For the latter two, wheat flour is still used for the traditional dumpling texture and the cornmeal and/or cassava added for a change of flavour.  The same procedure for making them can done with your nut milk pulp as well.  Simply mix the pulp with wheat flour at a 1:2 ratio with a pinch of sea salt (or two or 3 pinches depending on how much you are making):


Be careful with adding water because the pulp will already have some water in it.  The dough should be stiff after forming it into a ball and kneading (you can of course just add more flour if you accidentally put too much water).  Tear off pieces of your preferred dumpling size, mold them into your preferred dumpling shape, (I like making mine into “fingers”), and they are ready to boil.



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