#11 – FRUIT FASCINATION: Fuerte Avocado

If you do your food shopping exclusively at conventional supermarkets, you might be led to believe that the only fruits which have multiple types are apples, peppers, tomatoes, grapes, and pears.  Theoretically this is due to there being limited space in the supermarkets and the owners choosing to sell only what is least expensive.  For the average person this fact may not be a big deal but for a fruit enthusiast like me there is often a need for more variety and obtaining it a priority.  I barely ever go into the conventional supermarket for this reason and instead about 80% of the time at international groceries and the other 20% split between online ordering and farmers markets.

One fruit subject to the produce section limitations is the avocado.  The type you are likely to see in the store, at least here in the mid-Atlantic coast is the Hass.  They are delicious, but I’ve had a few other kinds which I would say are just as tasty, if not more-so.  The Fuerte is the one I most recently put extra effort into getting.

photo 1 (6)


Comparing it in the photo above to the Hass (left), they are both at the fully ripe stage here.  They are about the same size with the noticeable differences being the skin texture and colour:  Hass – rough & dark purple/black, Fuerte – smooth & green.  They both look about the same on the inside.

photo 2 (7)

Taste-wise, there is a significantly different flavour as well.  I wouldn’t say better/worse than the Hass… but for a point of reference, it’s comparable to a red delicious apple versus a gold delicious apple.



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