#13 – Plantain Porridge

Despite plantains probably being considered to be somewhat of an exotic edible by USA natives, from birth it was a common sight for me at breakfast and dinner – at least biweekly.  One might presume having them that often would mean having them in various ways but nope – it was always the black, over-ripe ones fried for breakfast and the yellow ripe ones boiled for dinner (we never partook of the unripe green ones even though we almost just as often ate the sibling green banana)… just plain either way; never even a pinch of seasoning.  At best the way they were sliced might get varied depending on who was preparing them.

Eventually getting to adulthood and interest + experience in the kitchen, I came upon many other ways to prepare them and plantain porridge is one of my favourites.  Here is my method:

photo 1 (7)

You can use black, yellow, or green plantains to make it, though I prefer to use black because it usually results in not needing any additional sweetener.  The taste also between the three is slightly different.  Depending on how lumpy you like your porridge, you may want to mix it with a machine – food processor, blender, etc.  I like mine silky smooth so I used the food processor…adding the almond milk and spice slowly while it was running (this is the best way for adding liquids to a food processor; to put it in before it starts creates a risk of it spilling out… I’m not an expert on the physics which cause that to remark on the reason why).

photo 2 (8)

photo 4 (2)The ratio I like is about 3/4 cup milk for each plantain (again I never really measure stuff; this is a guesstimate).  After everything is well mixed, simmer it for 5 minutes and its ready.

photo 3 (3)


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