Month: April 2015

#14 – B(U)Y the Case

Anyone who has gone shopping before probably knows that it is cheaper to buy things wholesale which may be the main motive for doing so, but when it comes to produce, health is another incentive people may not always consider.  If you have one box instead of one pound of fresh fruits/vegetables, it is predictable that you would want to use it all before it goes bad and consequently the money spent on it is wasted.  Doing so would force you to fill your belly with them rather than pre-made foods that probably will be more expensive and/or less healthy.  It would also assist the development of one’s skills in the kitchen, presuming eating the fruits/vegetables the exact same way every time would get monotonous.

Mango season seems to be peaking at the moment so they are my latest way of practicing what I’m preaching here.