#17 – FRUIT FASCINATION: Scuppernong Grapes

If I was to make a list of fruits I am most fascinated with, Scuppernong grapes would definitely be among the top picks.  This can be said of their entire parent species, Muscadine, but I like the green/bronze Scuppernong variety in particular the most.


At least in the DC area, I rarely see them in stores so most times you have to have a “connect” to get them – someone who knows someone who knows someone that personally grows & sells them.  Luckily, they are the state fruit of North Carolina, just a few hours away from DC, so establishing a “connect” to get them isn’t too difficult.  I often compare them to contraband smuggled across state lines because of this process.

They are unique in how they grow which is individually instead of in clusters like most other species of grapes.  Also, they require a rather specific climate so you are forced to eat them in their natural season because of this (mid-summer – mid-autumn), versus getting those red/green/black seedless grapes from ????? year round.

If you’ve never eaten one, there is a slightly thick skin to it which is edible but not too appetizing so most people only eat the sweet inner part, easily squeezed out when the grapes are fully ripe (doing so can be considered as a way to check if they are ripe or not yet).

photo 2 (10)

I can imagine people only used to those year-round seedless grapes thinking that this might be too much work but many people think that the taste of the Scuppernongs are well worth it, myself obviously among them.


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