#18 – Cassava Leaf Stew

A few years ago I decided to check how deep I could dig into the roots of my family tree and from doing so I discovered that prior to the Caribbean, some of the heredity stemmed from Sierra Leone.  I was encouraged to learn more about the country because of this which eventually led me to some of their favourite cuisine, with cassava leaf stew being one I now can make pretty well.

It is customarily made with chicken and/or fish but my substitute for these is jackfruit, which has been growing in popularity as a meat replacement.


Note that there are two types of the canned version – green/unripe and yellow/ripe.  The former is what should be used as the meat substitute, the latter is sweet and more ideal for desserts.  The rest of items needed to make the stew are:

1 pack frozen cassava leaves

1 cup vegetable broth

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/2 cup sweet pepper

1/2 cup peanut butter

2 TBS dulse

2 TBS palm oil

1 TBS salt

1 TSP garlic powder

1 TSP kelp

1 TSP cayenne

The cassava leaves need to cook longer than other kinds of greens to tenderize so I make mine in the slow cooker.  The pressure cooker could also be used to save time but a little more work is involved if you don’t want to “melt” the other ingredients.  With the slow cooker, simply liquefy the peanut butter in the vegetable broth then throw everything into the slow cooker.







Give it a good stir


Go do something fun for 8 hours and then plate it with some rice.






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